May 14, 2010

Botcon 2010 exclusive Sky-Byte Preview

Over at Botcon's official website they have a new preview of one of this year's exclusive toys: Sky-Byte. Follow the link to check it out! The base mold is Energon Sharkticon, a fine choice! Earlier pictures of the toy were released, though in a mistransformed state, so this is our first decent look at him. The new head mold, while undeniably Sky-Byte, is a little bland. Many have already expressed feelings of general "meh" about it. When first seeing it, I felt all it was missing was the asymmetry of the original toy. Now that we have a nice closeup of the head, I figured I'd try that out in Photoshop and compare the two:

My altered version certainly has more character. Self bias ftw! I will say though that after seeing the close up, the head we're actually getting does look fine. Sky-Byte is a wacky damn character, I love RiD, and I love the Energon Sharkticon mold. Obviously - I'd love to own this toy. Too bad Botcon exclusives are so damn expensive, eh?