September 22, 2011

New Masterpiece Ultra Magnus Concept Image

Hasui Shogo, a designer with Takara Tomy, tweeted this mighty teaser earlier today. Yeah, you're looking at early concept work for an upcoming Masterpiece Ultra Magnus, complete with transforming trailer. No plain white Optimus Prime this time - the next MP Magnus is going to have his full armor! With the excellent new MP-10 Convoy as the base, you can be sure this is going to be a toy worth checking out.

Thanks to TFW2005!

Chrono Cross & Final Fantasy Origins to hit North American PSN

According to, the ESRB has re-rated original Playstation classics Chrono Cross and Final Fantasy Origins for Playstation 3 and PSP, with Sony Computer Entertainment listed as publisher. This can only mean that the two titles will be available for purchase from the North American Playstation Store soon enough, perfect for old fans that wish to replay them or those that have yet to check them out. Hey. Neat.

If you don't want to wait for the downloadable versions, you can still find the games on disc for perfectly fair prices from sources such as Amazon:

Chrono Cross - PS1
Final Fantasy Origins FF I & FF II Remastered Editions - PS1

Facebook Changes: Darth Vader Did It!

The interbutts are alight with complaints regarding the recent changes to social networking mega-site Facebook. If you're among the masses shouting "WHY?!" and need to know whose responsible this - look no further than the Dark Lord himself...Darth Vader. We're not sure of the source of this clever-damn reference to The Empire Strikes Back right now (it was seen floating around on...Facebook, as these images tend to) but you can be sure we wish we'd made it. We'll update as soon as we've found its origin!

September 20, 2011

TFC Toys Hercules Transformers Constructicons Team Image

Click image to view in full size!

As seen on TFW2005 and originating from Jeffryzhong's weibo account, here's our first image of the TFC Toys Hercules team together in robot mode. These third-party Transformers Constructicons updates have sparked considerable fan interest, and it's quite a treat seeing the full team together - even if most are still only in prototype form. From left to right, the image above shows Heavy Labor, Neckbreaker, Structor, Dr. Crank, Madblender, and Exgraver. The four unreleased toys have the following release dates:

Structor: November 2011
Dr.Crank: December 2011
Neckbreaker: March 2012
Mad Blender: April 2012

It's going to take half a year for your shiny new Devastator to be complete, but not to worry - we all know time flies. We'll keep you posted on further info as it comes!

If you haven't seen them, we posted several images of the unreleased prototypes, as well as Hercules' combined mode:

TFC Toys Hercules (Third Party G1 Devastator) Combined Mode Prototype
TFC Toys Dr. Crank Protoype Images
TFC Toys Neckbreaker Prototype Images
TFC Toys Madblender Prototype
TFC Toys Structor Prototype Images

September 19, 2011

Custom Transformers Sailor Moon Toy

Man, check out this custom Transformers Sailor Moon toy from jicco of TFW2005! The toy is of course based on Transformers Animated Arcee, with various alterations such as a detachable back pack, extra articulation for the wrists, and removable bow tie and ponytails. Ah. All of a sudden...we feel so pretty.

Source: Arcee attending 20th Sailormoon Anniversary Party

September 18, 2011

Custom Transformers Classics Rotorstorm

MissingSea of TFW2005 brings us this awesome custom Transformers "Classics" Rotorstorm toy. It's a straight up repaint of Hunt for the Decepticons Tomahawk, which works quite well. If you're scratching head as to who the hell Rotorstorm is, he was one of those European exclusive Autobots from the very ass end of the Generation 1 toyline in 1992. He was more recently popularized in IDW's Last Stand of the Wreckers. Fine readin, if you haven't already checked it out. Right now - it's only 7 bucks on!

Source: TFW2005 Radicons - Minor/Repaint Rotorstorm

September 16, 2011

List of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope Blu-ray Changes

From hothfreeze-1 of IMDB, here's a list of the changes made to Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope for the Star Wars Complete Saga Blu-ray release:

-After C-3PO and R2-D2 begin wandering in the desert you can notice in the first shots of the crashed escape pod that the lid of the pod is now much darker in color. In the 2004 version the lid is vivid blue. The lid is blue again when the Stormtroopers find it.

-For the first time since 1977, Aunt Beru speaks proper English in her opening lines. In all previous versions Beru says; "Tell Uncle if he get's a translator be sure....". For the 2011 version she now says; "Tell your Uncle if he get's......"

-While Luke is cleaning the droids in the garage the echo effect of his voice has been heightened.

-Beru's lines have been altered a second time for this version. In the 2004 version her final line was slightly altered when she says; "He has too much of his Father in him." In the 2004 there was a slight pause added before she says the word; "Father" in an attempt to change her attitude about Anakin. It was strange, didn't achieve it's purpose, and so the original line was restored for the 2011 version.

-When R2-D2 is hiding from the Sandpeople in all previous versions there is nothing in front of him. In the 2011 version CGI rocks have been placed in front of the droid. In later shots when he comes out away from the wall to meet Obi-Wan the rocks that were in front of him disappear.

-Obi-Wan Kenobi's Krayt Dragon call he used to scare off the Sandpeople has been changed again for the 2011 version. This is the third version of that call.

-Computer sounds can now be softly heard in Obi-Wan Kenobi's dwelling.

-The subtitle text for the Greedo sequence has been greatly improved from the 2004 version.

-Han vs. Greedo has been altered for a third time for the 2011 version. Frames of film were removed just prior to Greedo firing his blaster to make the exchange even more tight than it was in 2004.

-The subtitle text for the Jabba sequence has been greatly improved from the 2004 version.

-In the original film, Luke Skywalker's lightsaber blade would often shift from blue to sea green in a number of effects shots. Despite fan murmuring, the blade was never completely blue in the original release to begin with. The 2004 version caused a number of problems in making the blade an intense vivid green in some shots. The 2011 version has attempted to correct this mistake during Luke's training with the remote aboard the Millennium Falcon, however the green and white effects can still be seen in other shots.

-An effects shot error dealing with the Millennium Falcon's duel with the TIE-Fighters has been corrected for the very-first time. Upon very close inspection, when Han is firing at one of the TIE-Fighters his orange laser blast coming in from the right-hand side of the screen had been obstructed. In a little known detail, the edge of the frame was cut short on the right side of the screen in this shot causing a dead black area between the laser bolt and the edge of the frame. The 2011 version extends the bolt clear to the edge of the screen for the very-first time.

-An effects mistake made by the 2004 version has been corrected in the 2011 version. In the wideshot of Darth Vader's TIE-Figher along with his two pilots on either side screeching down to the Death Star's surface a botched effect in 2004 caused a strange ribbed effect across the Death Star's surface briefly in this shot. This issue has been corrected.

-Due to color issues with the 2004 version, a strange wall of solid dark blue color emanated out from the Death Star's explosion. The 2011 version has removed the blue blob created in 2004.

-The classic John Williams fanfare that plays as the Rebel X-Wings make their first dive attack against the Death Star has been restored. The 2004 version had the music drop off to make room for engine noise.

Interesting how many changes were put into place to fix screw-ups from the 2004 DVD release! Hothfreeze claims he will have changes for the other two original trilogy films posted within the next few days, so keep a look out. Until then, may the force be with you...or something.

September 15, 2011

Batwoman #1 Review

Just in from The 52 Review is an depth look at Batwoman #1 by J.H. Williams III and W. Haden Blackman. As a title that was announced long ago but delayed time and time again, how does it fare now that's it finally come to fruition under the DC Relaunch? Thanks to The Masked Ndi, any concerns you may have will be addressed. Head on over and check it out: Batwoman #1 Review from The 52 Review

September 14, 2011

BABY SALE - Internet Ads: Stealth Lulz II

Here at Castle Geek-Skull, we've been known to delight in the occasional suggestive or "off" nature of internet ads. Today's internet surfing brought us the above image. If you act can obtain an entire baby for the affordable low price of 5 smackers! There are HUNDREDS of styles available! Thanks Old Navy!

September 13, 2011

New Transformers MP-10 Masterpiece Convoy Images

TFW2005 (by way of The Allspark) has posted some gorgeous images of the upcoming MP-10 Masterpiece Convoy from the Transformers Generations 2011 Volume 2 book. Included are comparisons to the original MP-01 (or MP-04) Convoy and MP-09 Rodimus Convoy, as well as tons of robot mode images, some design sketches, and even a random appearance by Huffer! Check 'em out:

September 11, 2011

DC Relaunch Hawk and Dove #1 Review from The 52 Review

Concerning "Hawk and Dove" from the DC Relaunch, there's only two things you need to know:

1) Rob
2) Liefeld

Got it? Good. Keep that in mind. Now venture over to The 52 Review where Electric Nerd will tell you whether or not Hawk and Dove #1 managed to stay readable despite the Liefeldian horrors within: Review: Hawk & Dove #1 ~ The 52 Review

TFC Toys Dr. Crank Protoype Images

From the TFC Toys Weibo, here's another set of prototype images from the TFC Toys third-party Transformers Generation 1 Constructicon updates. As SPOILED by the title, this guy is called DR. CRANK. Haha. If you weren't aware, the good doctor here happens to be TFC Toys' version of Hook: surgical engineer, second in command of the Constructicons, and yes - Devastator's head and shoulders. He'll also tell you in a hurry: Soundwave is fucking boring.

As for what's special about Dr. we really have to say it? Ok: EXTENDY BITS. If only he had his "sunglasses"...

If you missed it, we posted the prototype of the combined form of the "Not" Constructicons yesterday: TFC Toys Hercules (Third Party G1 Devastator) Combined Mode Prototype

And here's Neckbreaker (Bonecrusher): TFC Toys Neckbreaker Prototype Images

Madblender: TFC Toys Madblender Prototype

and Structor: TFC Toys Structor Prototype Images


TFC Toys Stuctor Protoype Images

From the highly active TFC Toys Weibo, here are the prototype images of Structor from the TFC Toys third-party Transformers Generation 1 Constructicon updates. Structor is the TFC Toys version of Scrapper, the Constructicon engineer - and leader - that became Devastator's right leg. He also happened to be voiced by the truly bad ass Michael Bell. YEAH!

There doesn't appear to be any grand special feature on Structor aside from transformation and the ability to help form "Hercules" - but he matches the design of his official Transformers counterpart fairly closely. Out of the six Constructicons, Scrapper is one of the most memorable, so this will likely be a popular choice for collectors.

If you missed it, we posted the prototype of the combined form of the "Not" Constructicons yesterday: TFC Toys Hercules (Third Party G1 Devastator) Combined Mode Prototype

And here's Neckbreaker (Bonecrusher): TFC Toys Neckbreaker Prototype Images

and Madblender: TFC Toys Madblender Prototype

NECA Toys Gremlins Preview

From @NECA_TOYS on Twitter, here's a look at NECA's series of Gremlins toys, some of which won't be out until next year:

Collect them all? Well. You don't have to tell us twice!

If you want to get a jump on the collection, Entertainment Earth has cases of series 1 (a 14 piece case that includes duplicates of Gizmo, George, and Lenny) available for pre-order: Gremlins Mogwai Series 1 Action Figure Case from Entertainment Earth!

Animal Man #1 Review from The 52 Review

PalpZak of The 52 Review has brought us an Animal Man #1 review with an important perspective: that of a new reader. If you're interested to see how this new take from Jeff Lemire and Travel Foreman plays with those that have no hopes beyond "...I hope I like it", something many should be able to relate to, check out the full review here: Animal Man #1 Review from The 52 Review

TFC Toys Madblender Protoype Images

In another update from the TFC Toys Weibo has been updated once more, here are some images of Madblender from the TFC Toys third-party Transformers Generation 1 Constructicon updates. Madblender is the TFC Toys equivalent of Mixmaster, the mad-scientist concrete mixing truck, and of course - Devastator's left leg. Mixmaster was also another of the tons of characters Frank Welker portrayed. Good lord, man.

So, what's special about this one? Well, as the images show, the drum from truck mode separates into an entire armory for the guy! Guns EVERYWHERE! Very cool. "Madblender" is going to be one of those toys you just can't put down. When color images are released, we'll be sure to keep you updated.

If you missed it, we posted the prototype of the combined form of the "Not" Constructicons yesterday: TFC Toys Hercules (Third Party G1 Devastator) Combined Mode Prototype

And here's Neckbreaker (Bonecrusher): TFC Toys Neckbreaker Prototype Images

TFC Toys Neckbreaker Protoype Images

The TFC Toys Weibo has been updated once more, this time with images of Neckbreaker from their series of modern Transformers Generation 1 Constructicon toys. Neckbreaker is the TFC Toys version of Bonecrusher, the bulldozer that formed the left arm of Devastator. As you can see, there are two different transformations for the legs: one being a modern take and the other a more slavish nod to Bonecrusher's original Generation 1 design. Though the images only show the resin prototype, it's easy to tell this is going to be a good one. Keep your eyes peeled...we're sure to see him in color soon enough.

If you missed it, we posted the prototype of the combined form of these "Not" Constructicons yesterday: TFC Toys Hercules (Third Party G1 Devastator) Combined Mode Prototype

September 10, 2011

Star Wars R5-D4 12 inch Figure from Medicom

So. You like Star Wars. You like toys. You like throwing money around online. In that case, it would seem these 12 whopping inches of R5-D4 glory courtesy of Medicom are right up your alley. This is essential for every geeky home. EVER.

He may have a bad motivator, but he still deserves some love. If you're down with the second most famous astromech droid the galaxy has ever seen, mosey on over to Sideshow Collectibles where he's currently available for Pre-Order: Star Wars - Medicom Toy R5-D4 RAH 12-inch Figure

R5 ships in the 1st quarter of 2012. He's a limited edition, so don't miss out!

Swamp Thing #1 Review from The 52 Review

Let's raise dem bones! The Masked Ndi of The 52 Review has brought us another wonderful DC Relaunch comic book review, this time of Swamp Thing #1. The gist? Writer Scott Snyder and artist Yanick Paquette have created an appropriately stirring and thought provoking take on the ol' plant head. If you had any hesitation about Swamp Thing, check out the full review from The 52 Review here: Swamp Thing #1 ~ The 52 Review

Hi-C Ecto-Cooler Recipe - Geeky Groceries!

Any child of the 80s and 90s can agree on one fact - Hi-C's Ecto Cooler was the drink. Yeah, it had Slimer from The Real Ghostbusters on the front and all, and that was cool, but even as kids we knew that product tie-ins for approximately everything under the sun would always come and go. Batman Cereal, anyone? The unique flavor is what really kept us coming back. That shit was delicious.

However, it was never meant to last. By 2001, the product was finally discontinued after a respectable run of 10+ years. Hi-C used the formula under different names for a bit longer, but at present time, it's been officially off shelves for a good while now. As such, Ecto Cooler joined the ranks of Surge, Crystal Pepsi, Dr. Pepper Red Fusion, and so on: discontinued drinks loved so dearly by a select few that they'd actually resort to buying random old boxes off of eBay.

It sounds crazy, but that shit happens. The practice has even been popularized by Internet superstars such as Matt from X-Entertainment and Brad Jones the Cinema Snob. Fortunately, thanks to a recipe from the fine folks at Ghostbusters: Chicago Division, you can skip eBay all together and mix up a fresh batch of Ecto Cooler any time you want!

Here's what you'll need:

1 Packet Kool Aid/Flavor Aid Orange
1 Packet Kool Aid/Flavor Aid Tangerine
3/4 Cup Orange Juice (No Pulp)
3/4 Cup Tangerine Juice or 1 can mashed Mandarin Oranges
1/3 scoop Country Time Lemonade (Regular or Pink)
1 1/2 Cups Sugar
Green and blue food coloring for color. (at CGS - we say...bah)


1) In a 1 Gallon pitcher, start by putting in your orange juice and tangerine juice. If you happen to be using the Mandarin oranges as a juice source, be sure to strain the pulp.

2) After your juices are in, put in the packets of Flavor Aid and the 1/3 scoop of Lemonade mix and mix up the concentrate. The Lemonade is used to make the mixture slightly more bitter to give it the zing the original Ecto-Cooler had. You may have to adjust to get it to your taste.

3) Add water, put in your sugar and stir until dissolved. Again, if you're using Countrytime Lemonade, sugar is already added to the mixture so you might have to adjust for your personal taste by adding more sugar than the stated 1 1/2 cups.

4) Add your food coloring. The red in the Flavor Aid is deep enough to skew the color of the green, but with enough drops, you can make it green. It won't be that happy bright green we remember, but at least it'll be green. You also want to add a few drops of the blue in the mix to get it a more even green.

We haven't tried it yet, but when we do, we're skipping the food coloring nonsense. Taste is all that matters, see. We'll be sure to update when we've given it a taste. Excite! If you happen to find the recipe through Castle Geek-Skull and then go off to try it, please report in and let us know what you think!

Source: Ghostbusters Chicago Division

TFC Toys Hercules (Third Party G1 Devastator) Combined Mode Prototype

Click to view in full size!

Here it is - our first good look at the full combined mode of TFC Toys Hercules, a "third party" produced Transformers Generation 1 Devastator update. The toy is comprised of six individual fully transforming robots much like the original Devastator from the 80s. Each figure is around 100 bucks, so it goes without saying that a complete Hercules will set you back at least 600. Ouch. However, knowing that Hasbro and Takara Tomy will likely never be able to create a similar set of figures for marketing reasons - many Transformer toy collectors are more than willing to take the plunge. For those of you interested, we're sure the image above will only further seal the deal.

Source: TFC Toys Weibo Account

September 9, 2011

Custom Transformers Dark of the Moon Ultra Magnus

Custom Transformer toy maker frogDNA has brought us yet another Generation 1 leaning Dark of the Moon toy: Ultra Magnus! Much like his Dark of the Moon Megatron, this Ultra Magnus is an altered Dark of the Moon figure (Leader Class Sentinel Prime) with a more G1-style head, accessories, and paint work. This is a great idea and it really works well, especially given how evocative it is of the excellent Transformers Animated version of Magnus.

Source: TFW2005 Radicons Forum - check it out for even more photos!