December 4, 2012

Optimus Prime Beast Hunters Official Toy Images

Thanks to BBTS we now have a clear look at what Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters Optimus might look like. Check out images of the obligatory toy releases below, starting with Cyberverse Commander Optimus and ending with the voyager class:

Interesting stuff! Much like the other Beast Hunter toys of existing Prime characters (i.e. Wheeljack and Soundwave), Optimus is now decked out with a more battle-ready appearance. The big difference - this time the toys are entirely new. It isn't clear yet how closely these new digs will tie into the next season of Transfomers Prime - a mystery sure to keep many Transformers fans speculating in the coming weeks.

From a purely aesthetic standpoint - it looks to mash up the existing TF: Prime Optimus with some older design elements like a flat-nose cab and Star Convoy/Animated Optimus-esque windows. Nothing terribly ground-breaking, but neat all the same. Our only real issue so far - the voyager version looks a little under detailed for the price point. The super bright colors and clean surfaces seem to work against the whole "extreme" thing going on with the armored/rough and tumble re-design. Perhaps it'll look better in-hand!

The initial wave of Beast Hunters toys is set for release in early 2013. Thanks again to BBTS for the images!

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