March 5, 2014

Does Transformers Generations Armada Starscream Need Better Proportions?

It's time to nitpick plastic children's toys once more! One of the most awaited new entries to the 2013-2014 Transformers: Generations toyline is the new version of Armada Starscream. That design is easily one of my favorites for the character. It only makes sense that it should be able to translate into quite an awesome toy! Unfortunately, while the original Armada Starscream toy looked decent enough overall, it still left a bit to be desired. The poor thing even lacked a head swivel! When the new version was first announced, the prospect of finally seeing the design more effectively realized in plastic-crack form was fairly exciting.

However, once the initial images began to surface, I felt something seemed a bit "off" despite the stylish sculpting and improved sword engineering. The robot mode looked quite squat in stature, with the hips reaching the middle of the forearms. Enter Photoshop!

As better pre-release photos began to surface, I decided to futz about with one to see what it might look like with the overall proportions stretched a bit. Here's the end result:

With all the bias in the world, I think the altered version has at least some merit. Perhaps it's a bit too lanky, but that's not too far off from the original design's character model. For comparison's sake, here are a few shots from the Armada cartoon:

Despite the hurr-durr, know-it-all pedantic nature of Photoshop experiments like this, I have to say, the final toy does seem to look a lot better in-hand than I initially thought it might. I do not own one myself, but the various pictures I've seen from other collectors tell a much different story than the earlier pre-release images. For instance, check out this shot from the Internet's most elegant man, GogDog:

Not bad. Not bad at all.

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