May 16, 2014

DC Collectibles' Batman: The Animated Series Action Figures Look Fantastic!

DC Collectibles Batman Animated Series Joker
Ridiculously Photogenic Batman Action Figures.

As a kid, I loved collecting Kenner's Batman: The Animated Series action figures, especially the villains! Whenever I've looked back at them in recent years, I've felt that they managed to hold up fairly well. The sculpts are too "soft" in places and they're certainly on the simple side, but there was a decent overall match to the style of the corresponding cartoon. I've never felt as if updated versions were essential since the existing figures were just fine as is. However, the upcoming assortment of Batman: The Animated Series figures by DC Collectibles has shown me the light:

Batman Animated Series DC Collectibles Figures with Kenner Comparison
DC Collectibles' Batman: The Animated Series figures with Kenner Comparisons. Click to view full-size.

Joining the previously revealed Batman and Catwoman are Robin, Joker, Poison Ivy, Mr. Freeze, Two-Face, and Man-Bat, and they've all turned out beautifully! With impressively sharp sculpting and rich colors that really capture the animation models, I'm more than happy to make a complete 180 on that "we don't need new versions" stance. I have to award them serious bonus points for sticking with the original Joker and Catwoman designs as well! These are all setting my want-radar off in a big way.

Now, don't get me wrong. Despite wanting to burst into song over the new figures, I have no intention of bashing the originals. The 1990s Kenner line was fantastic for its time. It was a bit bogged down with weird Batman variants (like "Pirahna Blade Batman") but everything else was golden. They were mostly made with kids in mind (and that's fine), but I feel they're still worth owning and displaying even now. Both sets of figures are wonderful, just in different ways. Still, it's hard not to get hyped over the great level of detail that the collector-oriented focus has allowed the new DC Collectibles versions.

The Joker Batman the Animated Series DC collectibles figure
If there's a Weekly Want post next week, it's safe to say The Joker is making the cut. Take it all!

As gorgeous as they are, they still might not not be "perfect" however. This is a matter of taste, but I would have preferred less articulation to avoid having so many joint lines. I know a lot of action figure collectors love as much movement as possible however. I'm usually the same, but I think preserving the aesthetic should be the main focus here, and simple "big 5" articulation would have worked just fine.

Regardless, I'm still pretty much head over heels here. My love of all-things B:TAS probably would have swayed me no matter what, but I'm stoked to see these being released. There's not a thing in the world that will stop me from collecting every flippin' one of them.

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  1. Great article, thanks! I can't wait until these figures come out next month. I was making custom versions of these four years ago, you could check them out here.

  2. Super stoked for these as well, waiting for second wave and what about BANE!?? Take my money!