June 10, 2014

Batman: Arkham Knight Looks Dense in the Best Way (E3 2014)

batman arkham knight costume
Batman in all his glory.

It's already been stated that Batman: Arkham Knight will have a map around five times the size of Arkham City's. While my initial response was in worrying they'd use that to amp up the collection of Riddler trophies to even more ridiculous levels, seeing Batman glide from great heights down to street level only to immediately hop into the Batmobile in E3 2014's Batmobile Battle Mode gameplay trailer has completely won me over.

I love seeing this stuff so much.

There's a good 40 seconds of the trailer where Batman is merely soaring around Gotham and it is beautiful. While there was plenty of great fun to be had with gliding and grapnel boosting in Arkham City, it was never this wonderfully dense. I wasn't even able to get a screen cap on my first attempt because I was too captivated to do anything but watch. One mere screen shot won't do it justice: check it out in motion below:

It's graphically impressive of course, but I love what it represents in regards to the story even more. Despite pretty much being the ultimate badass, Batman is still just one man standing up to immensely overwhelming odds. Gotham is the sort of city that will chew you up and spit you out. Seeing Batman navigate through such a beautifully rendered and absolutely vast iteration has me both sympathizing with his plight and feeling absolutely pumped over how effortlessly he still manages to pull it all off.

And by the way, when he later ejects from the Batmobile and continues right on to glide to his next location, well, that's just plain cool. I totally exclaimed "fuck yeah!"

While it's a shame Batman: Arkham Knight was recently pushed back to 2015, I'm confident it will give Rocksteady the time they need to perfect what is already looking like a fine continuation of the impressive Arkham series. I'm going to do whatever it takes to play it as soon as it's out.

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