April 8, 2015

Weekly Want - Premium Format Darkseid, Super Robot Wars, & More!

Darkseid is...expensive.

We may be in a bit of a pre-SDCC funk as far as huge reveals go, but "ooh" and "ah"-worthy product images are always trickling out here and there. The recurring theme of the week seemed to be official shots of previously-teased items, but there were still a few surprises in store. Now, on to my personal highlights!

Marvel Legends Infinite Series Avengers 5-Pack (Price & Release Date TBD)

These might be made from existing molds, but the vibrant decos have really won me over. It doesn't hurt that I'm a bit of a sucker for "gift set" releases in general. Unfortunately for many of us, this appears to be a European Disney Store exclusive.

Sideshow Collectibles Premium Format Darkseid ($599, Spring 2016)

Okay, 600 bucks is a lot to just throw around, but Sideshow's badass Darkseid Premium Format figure almost makes me want to throw caution to the wind and just go for it. An exclusive version with an "angry" expression will also be available, but I much prefer the standard edition pictured above.

Iron Grenadiers Iron Anvil JoeCon Exclusive (Prices will vary, April 2015)

This year's JoeCon Tiger Force Vs. Iron Grenadiers Box Set has several worthwhile offerings, but the Iron Anvil troop builder is easily my favorite. Anyone not attending the convention (which is held this coming weekend, April 9-12) will have to scour message boards or eBay for individual figures. As such, a specific price is hard to nail down right now.

Super Robot Wars S.R.D-S Soulgain
Super Robot Wars Original Generation S.R.D-S Soulgain ($47.99, Spring 2015)

Man, Super Robot Wars is always filled to the brim with mecha-fueled eye candy. Even in a semi-SD form, the Soulgain looks fully capable of kicking many a butt.

Flash ArtFX+ Super Powers Statue ($29.99, Dec. 2015)

It'd be nice if they'd ditched the "joints" since this is a non-articulated statue, but it still grabs my interest given my deep affinity for the 1980s Super Powers line.

Fans Toys Tesla Masterpiece Perceptor ($119.99, Spring 2015)

I'm a pretty big fan of the Autobot scientist Perceptor. He's a great character and the original toy was my favorite of the entire 1985 Transformers assortment. If the official Masterpiece line never gets around to this guy, "Tesla" looks to be a worthy stand-in given its rad mix of IDW and G1 animation model design cues.

TruForce Mega Man X
TruForce Collectibles Mega Man X ($79.99, Sept. 2015)

The Truforce Mega Man X Kickstarter was a success, and the final product is looking every bit as fantastic as I'd hoped.

Play Arts Kai Metal Gear Solid V Venom Snake ($99.99, Jul. 2015)

The Play Arts Kai line is no stranger to Metal Gear Solid, and we tend to get some awesome looking figures whenever they meet. MGSV Venom Snake will be available in two varieties: Splitter (seen above) and the Amazon Japan exclusive Gold Tiger.

This wasn't the most exciting week ever, but I'd still be more than happy to own any of the products listed above. If you have a problem with that, meet me at the 7-Eleven and we'll fight it out. I mean it.

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