August 31, 2015

The First Spooky Sightings Of Halloween 2015

Complete with Creepy, Crappy Collages!

The end of August is always a magical time. Summer and its nasty humidity-filled heat are slowly dying down, and the Halloween season is right around the corner. I'm about to friggin' squee.

In fact, the glorious fall holiday has already begun to rear its head. I'm seeing beautifully tacky decorations and fun candy assortments pop up all over the place. It would be impossible to keep my excitement in check, so I might as well share it with the internet! Here are some of my first spooky sightings of Halloween 2015!

May as well kick things off with a bang! I can't tell you how much it pleased me to find this Betelgeuse plush toy staring at me from inside my local grocery store's crane catcher machine. It's going to be pretty hard not to waste endless dollars trying to win this ugly bastard.

All of these were found at Michaels Arts & Crafts. The price tags tend to soar in there, but it's fantastic to raid for clearance sales later on. I'm actually eyeing that "Scary Hall." It'd make a fine base for a Halloween Mood Table!

This affable gentleman was found hanging in Party City. He has the "cold toilet seat" face down to a science.

Ross Dress For Less also has several tables worth of spooky goods on display. I was especially fond of their pillows. It's not every day you randomly run into Ouija board bedding!

Of course, various treats, costumes, and cheapo toys are already lining grocery shelves. Call 'em "Fall Party Cakes" all you want, Little Debbie. We all know what we're meant to celebrate with those hexagonal little desserts.

I even managed to find a single-packed Krackel. Motherflippin' KRACKEL, son! As one of Halloween's sugary standbys, there's no way I was leaving the store without one.

Oh, and as a bonus: I spotted plenty more awesome crane catcher toys alongside Betelgeuse! Check 'em out!

I know it's a bit hypocritical to get riled up over early Halloween sightings given my disdain for the preemptive assault of Christmas, but screw it. I've always had an unabashed love for October's crowning holiday. Seeing the nonsense above has prompted an extra spring or two in my step. I get the feeling that the Halloween season of 2015 is going to be a good one!

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