October 29, 2015

Castle Geek-Skull's Halloween Dummy Shenanigans

Oh, hello there.

I've been spending quite a lot of time with family this year. While it's often firmly in serious business territory, a bit of fun rears its head now and then. The best example I could possibly provide lies on the shoulders of the handsome Halloween dummy above. Don't mind the googly-eyed felt spider; he's cool.

Made of an old shirt, worn-down jumpsuit, gardening gloves, and ancient Velcro shoes, I cobbled this paper-stuffed gentleman together for my grandparents' porch. Thus far, it's the only Halloween decor on the entire street. While I'd love if that weren't the case, it's nice to have been the one helping jazz things up.

Why is this so adorable?

My grandmother had several fall-themed decorations in storage, and these happy-ass scarecrow children seemed like they should come along for the ride. I say we all deserve our own legion of tiny smiling scarecrows.


Of course, no Halloween display is complete without an oldschool drug-store witch hanging overhead. The creepy ooooooh-eeeee theremin sound effects that emit from this thing will stick with me forever.

It's rad having a grandmother that's into this sort of thing. Putting these Halloween dummies together is something of a tradition for the two of us. I'm really glad I was able to make sure it continued on this year.

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