October 26, 2015

Castle Geek-Skull's Super Important Pumpkin Spice Oreo Review

Time to go all out with some serious health food, kids!

Pumpkin Spice Oreos are here to grace grocery store shelves yet again! I never spotted them during their initial run in the 2014 Halloween season, and I assumed I may have missed out entirely. Not one to let second-chances slip by, I'm pleased to take the plunge and see what these bastards are all about!

Boom, here's the fancy-schmancy packaging. It'd be a lot more fun with goofy witches and ghosts slapped all over the place, but these aren't exclusively for Halloween. Even so, the purported pumpkin flavor makes them just adjacent enough to tap into the vein. The spooky vein.

...or else what, Oreo? OR ELSE WHAT?!?!

Ah, good old fashioned cross-sell marketing. I'd be down to try every weird-ass Oreo flavor that comes out, but I never see them available in smaller assortments. Having nearly a pound of cookies in my pantry at once is a dangerous proposal. I gave in to the 10-ounce variety here for the hell of it, but it still feels like way too much.

Man, it's probably best not to even look at the nutrition facts. There's only one way to indulge in Oreo cookies, and that's taking a blood oath to eat every damn one of 'em. I'll totally work out afterwards. I promise.


Here they are. Golden Oreos with pumpkin spice creme filling. There's just one more step before trying them!

Let's see...

Such production value~

Yeah, that's right. Presentation is king, and this is fancy as fancy gets. Halloween party for one, coming right up! BTW, I'm available 24/7 for emergency event planning services. Hit me up; I'll make your shit all kinds of hype.

Mastication inbound.

I did it. I did the thing. As it turns out, I actually dig the flavor quite a lot. Yeah, it's heavy on the cinnamon, but it did bring up memories of pumpkin pies long past. Maybe it's the allure of trying them for the first time, but I'm feeling pretty tempted to buy these again. Damn it.

I'm always conflicted when I dive into sugary sweets for Castle Geek-Skull. I definitely want the content, but there's always a tinge of guilt over barraging myself with carbs and preservatives. Fortunately, Pumpkin Spice Oreo cookies are enjoyable enough to make it all feel worth it. I even got some sweet nostalgic vibes in the process!

And with that, the transformation is complete. I am the King of Fall, powered by cookies. Fear me.

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