October 27, 2015

Ultra Street Fighter IV Horror Costume Highlights

Tiger clown horn!

Street Fighter V might be right around the corner, but the crazy costume packs for its predecessor are far from over. Available now for every platform under the sun, the Ultra Street Fighter IV Horror Costume DLC packs have to be my favorite add-on yet. For your viewing pleasure, I've taken the time to highlight some of the best new outfits below. Let's get freaky.

Dan's store-bought pumpkin get-up is adorable. ABSOLUTELY FREAKIN' ADORABLE.

Undead Dee Jay isn't the best design, but this closeup is the stuff of legends.

Even as a zombie, Dudley is as sophisticated as they come.

Fei Long might be the spookiest of the bunch. Threatening hand gestures go a long way!

Gen has either taken the guise of Death or recently raided a Spirit Halloween store. Who knows?!

The lumbering Hugo is less than graceful as is, making him a perfect base for Frankenstein's Monster.

Ibuki is a huge stand out, especially whenever she launches into her standard smiling animations.

Juri's jester attire is sure to remind most people of Harley Quinn. No complaints here!

Rolento's acrobatic play-style is more dashing than ever thanks to the swanky new vampire digs.

Rose's witch outfit is my absolute favorite. The color scheme, armor binding, and gigantic hat are perfect.

There's no way anyone could've seen this one coming. Ryu is a goddamn zombie groom. A ZOMBIE GROOM!

Seth almost didn't make the cut, but that jack-o'-lantern Tanden Engine is just too good.

I'm not sure I want to know what kind of weird-ass rituals T. Hawk is involved in these days.

Finally, Zangief is a freaking metal-studded grave digger. It'd be impossible for me not to love this.

To see these horrific beauties and all their cohorts in motion, you can check out the full trailer below:

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