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1 comment:

  1. Hey buddy,
    I've been tossing around an idea to create a platform to cross promote like-minded sites (TMNT, GI Joe, Star Wars, MOTU, various toy/geek culture etc). Nothing in stone, just sort of gauging interest, but I figured if a decent group of us got together and made a site for our "collective", we could put all of our feeds together on a site. Like if you posted a an article on the joint site, it would be on that site, but then say on it say article published by CastleGeekskull and link back to your full site. That way we are all cross-promoting each other and bringing in new fans (people who knew about you, but not me and vice versa).
    I know there are people that go to my site that I've pointed to your site and they didn't know about it. Same with some of the small-to-moderate star wars sites, etc. And I know the same is true with my site.
    It's in the very early stages. But through my site and twitter, I've "met" so many people who run great sites that I'd love to more closely work with to help each other out (I use the quotes because I only rarely meet the people in person...just on twitter, FB, etc). I figure it's like a bigger/better #FF on twitter.
    We would all maintain our own sites like we always have, but we would have a more formal cross promotion between us all to help drive traffic to our sites.
    It's just an idea at this point and I wanted to pitch it to you and a couple of other sites and gauge interest. If you think it's dumb, no hard feelings. If you're interested, feel free to hit me up and we can toss around ideas and make a list of sites that may be interested.
    Talk to you soon!