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October 27, 2015

Ultra Street Fighter IV Horror Costume Highlights

Tiger clown horn!

Street Fighter V might be right around the corner, but the crazy costume packs for its predecessor are far from over. Available now for every platform under the sun, the Ultra Street Fighter IV Horror Costume DLC packs have to be my favorite add-on yet. For your viewing pleasure, I've taken the time to highlight some of the best new outfits below. Let's get freaky.

March 11, 2014

Five of the Most Clever Licensed Gaming Products

News flash: what you're looking at above is fairly usual fare for gaming merchandise. Action figures, plush toys, key-chains, phone covers, you know the drill. While there are a lot of truly amazing gaming-based products that fit into these categories, it can sometimes seem a bit "business as usual." After all, pretty much every form of entertainment has its various properties licensed into the exact same stuff. If you're gearing up to expand the Halo brand beyond the video game aisle, a line of action figures is obviously going to be the first idea to come up. However, clever licensed products with a bit of outside-the-box thinking do make their way to the marketplace, and they can tempt you like no other! Let's take a look at just five examples:

March 10, 2014

"I Hope Dark Souls II Owns My Ass"

Prepare yourselves: March 11, 2014 brings us the release of Dark Souls II, the highly anticipated sequel to the 2011 Namco action role-playing game that captured the hearts of gamers everywhere with it's enchantingly dark atmosphere, engaging level design, and famously brutal yet rewarding difficulty. Naturally, the latter is often at the forefront of any Dark Souls-based conversation. Any time the game is mentioned online, someone is sure to pop up with a "You Died" gif or rage comic of some sort.